Trick tray

Trick tray


A uniquely designed tray that creates a 3-D optical illusion

The patterns on this tray are designed to create unique 3-D optical illusions. When glasses or cups are set on the tray, the 3-D appearance of the tray will coordinate with the table and liven up the conversation. The reverse side is finished with an Ishime-nuri painting (fine-dot-perforation art) for added quality and functionality. Furthermore, because the shapes of the trays are hexagonal, it has the benefit of being easily stackable to reduce the space it takes up. Up to 3 plates of the same Trick series plate (sold separately) can sit on one tray.

【Design】Hiroshi Hirase
【Traditional craft】Kaba-zaiku(Akita pref.)
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Aditional Information
Use Tray
Materials Plywood, Wild cherry bark, Natural wood, Japanese paper, Urethane lacquer 
Size 300×345×H15mm
Weight 280g

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