Tradition × Innovation,
to bring Kaba-zaiku
closer to your life.

The traditional craft of “Kaba-zaiku” has been passed down in Akita Kakunodate through generations.
The technique was brought to Kakunodate at the end of the 18th century by the Satake Kita Clan,f rom the Ani region of northern Akita.The beauty and warmth of natural wood, and the patterns of wild cherry bark that differ from piece to piece, has made each Kaba-zaiku item a one-of-a kind treasure.A wide range of Kaba-zaiku products have emerged, including the well-known tea caddies and related items.By combining this tradition with a new techology for creating elaborate design patterns, KAVERS will tran-s form Kaba-zaiku into an artistic product that matches modern tastes and contemporary life styles.

Collaboration that
shines a new light on
traditional crafts

With the development of a new technology for processing wild cherry bark, we succeeded in creating unprecedented, delicate design patterns. The variation is infinite, and produc- tion in small lots is possible. We collaborate with various art products, so that tradition comes to life in diverse, contemporary settings, broadening the possibilities of the “Kaba-zaiku” tradition.

This craft is made by applying wild cherry bark to natural wood,
which is then engraved with Japanese traditional patterns and finely decorated with Japanese traditional colors, metal powders or mother-of-pearl.
It is elegantly polished and coated with urethane lacquer.
Please contact us through the following website for possible collaboration.